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I moved again XDD [21 Nov 2008|05:38pm]
Yeahhh I think this LJ is done ....

Add me on that one if you wanna XD ~
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UGHHH [20 Nov 2008|12:37pm]


Fucking UH ! Theyre so irritaring ! You can't register for orientation which is MANDITORY unless they have your test scores and then they wont clear my test hold until I go tell them im in college algebra ... which makes NO sense because I already took all the remedial maths. I'm so irritated with them right now ! XDDDD UGHHH 
At least the lady was nice on the phone this time ... last time i got this guy and he was the rudest little fucker I have EVER spoken to on a phone, and he hung up on me >,> 
GOD ... people >.> 

JEWELRY SHOP ! [09 Oct 2008|03:56pm]
I finally got enough stuff made and together to start an ETSY account !!!!
I hope this works out o.o
I havent finished my fancy crap yet (I have some like ... fancy lace/ pearl/ rosey chokers but Im lazy and I need to sew them x.x)  and I need to make a banner and all that stuff.... but I posted 6 things XD 
It frustrated me. Now Im like ... what the hell do I do with the Jewelry before it sells ...
Seriously my room is such a freaking mess Im scared I'll loose it . I think I need a drawer .. :: goes to clean one out:: 

...yes... rose princess.... Im so stupid with names ... and i just wanted to start the stupid store, and everything has roses on it ... XDDD
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Meme........ [03 Oct 2008|06:22pm]
Stolen from pixychild 

01. I've come to realize that my butt: is big XDDDD
02. I've come to realize that when I talk: I don't shut up ... EVER .... XD
03. I've come to realize that if I love someone: I buy them things *__* and act overprotective XD 
04. I've come to realize that I need: A JOB ! FUCK EVERYONE IVE APPLIED WITH ! GOD WHATEVER... WHATEVER...
05. I've come to realize that I've lost: this bag from michaels with new scissors in it T_T
06. I've come to realize that I hate it when: Kaya goes to California and not Houston ...
07. I've come to realize that if I'm drunk: I don't
08. I've come to realize that money: is something I WANT NOW FOR REAL I WANT IT 
09. I've come to realize that my mother: is the hen from the stinky cheese man book, and talks like winnie the pooh XDDDDD but shes funny.
10. I've come to realize that I'll probably always be: a boy XD
11. I've come to realize that I have a crush on:........I think Kaya is hot ..... XD But no crushes on anyone really o.o
12. I've come to realize that the last time I cried was: .....I don't remember, but it was probably over something stupid
13. I've come to realize that my cell phone: I HATE IT GOD I HATE IT I WANT TO THROW IT OUT MY WINDOW >,> 
14. I've come to realize that when I wake up in the morning: I don't want to .. at all ... I want to sleep... XDD
15. I've come to realize that before I go to sleep at night: I don't even know.. I lay there lately
16. I've come to realize that right now I am thinking about: My messy room and how I should be cleaning it.
17. I've come to realize that babies: are kinda gross >,>
18. I've come to realize that when I get on livejournal: I get on Livejournal too much ... I need rehab
19. I've come to realize that today I will: Get in a fight with my accounting teacher, fail to get a job, and want chocolate.
20. I've come to realize that tonight I will: go to Katies house.
21. I've come to realize that tomorrow I will: I don't know o.o
22. I've come to realize that I really want to: have chocolate. now now now now 
23. I've come to realize that who is most likely to repost this is: I don't know XDDd
24. I've come to realize relationships: what relationship ? HAHAHAHA XD 
25. I've come to realize love: is lovely!
26. I've come to realize my best guy friend: I don't have a best guy friend I ? 
27. I've come to realize my best girl friend: Likes MS. SAIGON LALALALLALA MS. SAIGON LALALALALA
28. I've come to realize food: GOOD *____* 
29. I've come to realize that when I'm a girlfriend: I'll never be a true girlfriend I don't think XD 
30. I've come to realize 'boys and girls': isn't that the name of some good Charlotte thingie? and ingrid michaelson's cd ... o.o
31. I've come to realize over the summer: I hate Houston summers, its too hot, and one of my arms tans way darker than the other from crusin in my ridin dirty car ......XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddd
32. I've come to realize heartbreak: feels like throwing up


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XDDD [22 Sep 2008|03:38pm]

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9/4 ? [04 Sep 2008|12:55pm]
GOD  I keep having the weirdest dreams !
Last night I dreamt I was living in my old house in Georgia, and I didn't know what was going on but I kept finding black and white hamsters. I showed my dad who irl would be all OMG THEY HAVE TO GO ! and in the dream he was like HEY COOL ! I kept grabbing the hamsters and putting them on the couch in the old sitting room that we never really used, and then one of them changed into a cat and another one changed into a bunny. The cat looked like Max ( this cat that lives around Katies house that belongs to their neighbors) and I think I was calling it Max too.
I remember thinking Oh I have so many animals ! and I was happy! but the bunny was scary because it had red eyes but when you got close to it , its eyes turned blue o.o
After that I woke up because May came in my room .. then everyone was making noise but I fell back to sleep..
Then I had one where I was in line at this check out place to relinquish my US citizenship ... (what the hell!?! I'd never do that o_o) So I was in line and while they lady was checking me out, all my stuff kept falling out of my purse and my suitcase and everytime I picked something up something else would fall out and I was getting really frustrated x.x Then the lady told me she had to take my jewelry away because it was a form of identification and that some people would know who I was if I kept it o.o I was upset about that so she let me keep it. So I started walking out and my dad was mad at me I guess? and hes like if you want to come with us go ahead and come with us but the exit of the country is beyond that door. I was like .. I dont want to leave the country! I had no intention to leave the country ! 
So I didn't know what to do and I started walking towards these airplanes.. then I walked thru the gate and I was in this glowy foresty place... then May ran up to me over the hill and I was like .. silly May you're covered in flower petals ( she was covered in pink petals ) so I started brushing them off of her and then she did the "follow me" thing that dogs do.. so I followed her and got on this plane and my family was there, then Samuel L Jackson (LMFAO I KNOW) walks up and was like Identification please? and I was like OH SHIT I JUST RELInQUISHED MINE ! and then hes like OH WAIT ! I remember you ! Your the girl who looses her purse! Its okay I know you! and I was like .. goooodddd..
.... then I woke up again by May ... and I stayed awake because that made NO sense and was really weird o.o
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... [02 Jul 2008|05:22pm]
you know ... I think about the past few years and I don't regret anything....
I stopped associating with people for a reason, and now more than ever I'm glad I did.
I never want to anyone to think I'm like those people with their disgusting ways.... arrogant whores...
disgusting, filthy, absolutley repulisive.
I don't want trash around me.

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O.o [14 Jun 2008|01:01pm]
I had a dream last night that Rentrer en Soi came back to do another concert but it was like a concert for middle school high school and some college kids. And they schedueled the concert so that when they did the first song everyone had to go to school! I was confused and I skipped my first class ( I can't remember if I was in High school or college in this dream, I think it was high school because Eric was there) and I watched the first few songs with Eric. Then I think we were the only people there and I had to go to my next class because I had a bad grade. After that class I came back and parked my car on the train tracks ... (there were train tracks and like they were playing close to them, and I think they closed the tracks to trains) and went to watch the concert again but I was the only one there. Half way through the song Satsuki stopped singing, shook his head and walked off. I felt really bad for them because they played an entire concert while everyone was in school ! I helped them wrap up their microphone cords and then the translator, ( she was a really short, like 3ft, and super chubby XD I liked her ) came up and started talking to me. She told me that she worked in McDonalds in Japan and it was a great job. I was like ... do you really like working at McDonalds ? and she said she loved it and I should get a job at one. I tried to tell her that USA McDonalds are bad places to work XD Then my cell phone rang and .... it was like my alarm to wake up XD So I turned it off and fell back asleep XDDD

Weird dream isn't it ? o.o I haven't dreamt latley XD Maybe because I was thinking about who will play Onicon and such a little before I went to bed. XD
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:DDD [09 May 2008|01:00pm]
IM DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now laundry, and then sell back books :D
Ohhhhhh happy day XDDDDDDDDDD
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<3 [22 Apr 2008|12:30am]
OMG its beautiful o.o
too bad daisy rock is a crap brand :|
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:( [18 Apr 2008|03:57pm]
My hairs T_T
She cut it too ... sharp and layered ... x.x
I have a round face it looks stupid like that X__X It looks all choppy mullet when Im trying to get rid of my mullet.
And she cut my bangs too short for my liking and like straighter across than I had them o.o ( that was possible ?)
Im not happy X.X its too short around my face and too ... I dont know ... its either old lady trying to be young or bordering on punk. x.x
Itll be a lot better when it grows out a little and Im going to try it with curling the bottoms.
I actually liked my sisters mistake cut better I think. :: sighhh ::
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHH [18 Apr 2008|03:08am]
Its 3:09 AM, and I have to get up at like 8 tomorrow because stupid me made a haircut appointment at 10:30 and I have to be out by 10 since my moms recording someone.... and I cant find my cell phone... how am I supposed to get up without my cell alarm... and WHERE IS IT !?!
I found it XD now how do I get to sleep ?
... aiyaa the downside of coffee ... I drank it at like 1 this afternoon WTH !?
I hope someone on the Kaya commun posts the rest of the scans from cure! :3
-sigh- goes to lay in bed and attempt sleep
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-falls over- [16 Apr 2008|04:34pm]
Omg omg omg tireddd
Im having such a hard time sleeping o.o Im tired now though, but I cant realistically sleep in the middle of the commons area x,x these people are too loud... damn kids! :: shakes fist::
I graduate in August ! o.o THANK YOU GOD ! But then I have to go to big college after. Eww driving on 45 >,>
I have to take Minority studies online first summer semester and then 2nd summer semester Art 2 and College algebra.
Not too bad ! I worked out the akon sit with the online class so that makes me happy ! maybe I can get a job too! :3 nyappy !
I really really really hope to god I pass everything x.x
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sfddffffff [03 Apr 2008|11:49pm]
 Im so tired x.x 
I want reeses cereal but i cant get up the energy to go downstairs and make it. 
Kyuuuuuhhh its only 11:49 too x,x 
:: passes out:: 
I need that cereallllll 
Im breaking from Hizaki blog for a bit, sorry everyone its been a hellova week. I'll probably update tomorrow x,x 
yay got cereal! 
:: watches sweeney:: 
I think its a dream of mine to play sweeney in a play o.o Theyd never cast me though because im a girl. FAIL x.x
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Stolen from Bry XD [02 Apr 2008|11:09pm]

I need distractions o.o 

1. How many times have you been to a convention?
Oh wow lets count ... too many ... at least 10 I think im missing some though o.o

2. Do you sleep at conventions?
XD always XD

3. Do you eat?
Yes and no ... We all almost passed out after the Rentrer concert

4. Are you shameless at conventions?
Noooo thats ... iono

5. On average, how much money do you spend?
It depends on the band XD Normally at least 350 with hotel badge food and things 

6. Do you go to conventions to pick up people?

7. Do you go to conventions to bang people?
Omg ew absolutle not

8. How much cellulite do you see when you go to conventions?
Its not so much the cellulite but EVERYONE who thinks they can go around with all their body showing, omg there are children here go to a porn con if you want to show that much kthx !

9. Do you cosplay?
Yes and all the fuckery communs and elitists out there can kiss my big poofy skirt ass ! :D

10. Does your cosplay show a lot of skin?
XD not anything Ive done .. Im modest o.o

11. Is your cosplay the epitome of badassery?
Yes I think so XD well maybe not the past ones but the hizaki dress is coming out nice :3

12. Do you wait in line for things...i:e; hentai fest, yaoi fest, autographs, ceremonies?
XDDD I bitch and whine so much about it that I dont normally make it to the line unless I can get VIP things XD I hate lines so much I do for like Q and A and autographs and then VIP for tickets so I dont have to do the line XD 

13. How many friends have you met from conventions?
Hmm not many, no one really talks to us for some reason... WE DONT BITE ! D:

15. Name your conventions:
Oni-con 1
Kamikaze Con
Akon 15
Ochibi con 
Onicon 2 
Shiokaze con
Akon 16
Onicon 3
Anime Matsuri 1
Akon 17
Onicon 4 

16. Do you go to conventions alone or with a bunch of people?
In a small group these days Me Nathan Katie and either Emmy or Zach (katies bro and sis)

17. Get your own room or mooch off of someone?

18. Ever partied hard with a voice actor?
XD no theyre lame XD

19. Taken a picture with Silent Bob?

20. Jay too?

21. Gotten home to find out you've lost weight from walking around so DAMN much?
XD YES I lose quite a bit at cons

22. Hugged random people?
Uh they hug me, I denied someone at Akon last year because they smelled XD Im sorry I HATE body odor, im a little phobic

23. Kissed random people?

24. Stalked someone who was cosplaying your favorite bishi character?
XD no XDD I dont have one either XD LMAO bishie ... XDD

25. Gotten a g/f or b/f out of a convention?
Noooo there was James but DID NOT WANT

26. Hooked up with someone?
No ew

27. Tell the truth now... seriously
Nooo Im not a rabid animal grossie thing

28. Had a temporary convention love that ended by Monday morning?

29. Raved until you fell over?
XDDD No I go in and giggle and last year some weird angel dude came up and was dancing at me but I didnt see him and didnt get it til we left the rave and everyone told me what was happening XD

30. Flirted with a dealer to get a discount?
NO ! worked for a dealer ... yes but that was a MISTAKE ! he was BAD !

31. Taken pictures of people?
Uhmm no I used to but not too much anymore, sometimes i take pics to send to my sis XD

32. Had your picture taken?
Only really when cosplaying

33. Gone to a photoshoot?

34. Planned a photoshoot?

35. Been stalked?
A lil bit XD this mullet guy at Oni 1 XD and then James at Shiokaze XD oh funny funny

36. Been annoyed by someone?
Yessss quite a bit !

37. Done the annoying?
Hmm no not too much XD

38. Had fun at a convention?
Yeah ! they used to be more fun before the jrock community started sucking like hell 

39. Had such a miserable time you wanted to leave but didn't?
Anime Matsuri. Enough said. ( Seconds this XD IT SUCKED BAD XD )

40. Gotten in a fight?
XDD YES XD This lady working akon said an cafe was having a concert when they werent and I asked her something and she gave me an attitude and I was annoyed so I went off on her BAD (in ghetto rame cosplay) I had to walk away so i didnt punch her and get kicked out XD

41. Tried to stage a fight?
Probably XD

42. Success?
Idk XD my memory sucks

43. Freaked out when you saw one of your most favorite characters?
Jrocker yes XD I fangirl sometimes, we all do ,

44. Someone freaked out when they saw your cosplay?
Yesss XDDD

45. Hung out with random people that you'd just met?
Yeah I have !

46. Reunited with a friend?
Yessss :D

47. Broken off with a friend?
Hummm .... no

48. Cried at a convention?
XDDD Yes XD at Shiokaze con during a Gazette vid XDDD

49. Saved trash from stuff you bought?
No not really XD  

50. Eaten ramen and drunk ramune like they were air?
No I dont like either XD I live on PBJ diet coke and Propel XD

51. Slept in the same bed as someone you've only known a few hours?
Nooooo XD 

52. Made any money?
Yes when I worked for the dealer 50$ per con o.o (HES CREEPY THO ! AND BAD AND I QUIT ! )

53. Made someone else money?
Yeahhh more than 50 for that guy !

54. Sick of this survey?

55. Okay...last question. Favorite convention you've ever been to?
Onicon 2. Something about it was just happy and magical like. I dont think it can be topped XD

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:3 [01 Apr 2008|11:36pm]
 Sweeney Todddddddddd :DDDDDD 
I got it ! 
Its on for the 2nd time XD I like the songs XD 
:: is doing math homework:: 
then is doing 2 week late sketches for stupid online class. 
I wish they specified that it was a graphic design class and not an ILLUSTRATION course >,> 
Illustration is not graphic design
graphic design is not creative ... its like ... buisness logos, I just wanted to draw pretty pictures . x.x
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kljlkdjslkdfs [27 Mar 2008|01:22pm]

I have a geology test but I dont know what I'm doing because I kept trying to study and my mind kept going away on me. XD 
>,> Why didnt I take biology 2 ? Oh yeah because Im STUPID ! XD 
My straightener died this week, only half of it heats up so I tried like a curly style. XD I look really dumb, I was going for hime ish but I used hot rollers and it looks like Kamijo after he got drunk and passed out cept dark XD 
I feel defeated, Ima go look for my moms straightener. Stupid hair. stupid stupid, Im going to shave it and then use my wigs because theyre all pretty and synthetic XD jk jk jk jk 
Im hungry x.x 

and thank you for telling me about it :D

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D: [25 Mar 2008|02:16pm]

I'm on some weird comp at school and the desk is all weird and high. 
I'm having a hard time reaching the keys XD 
Omg Im hungry X.X  :: goes to charge food because forgot to eat at  home :: 
I hate that. 
I hate eating at school when I have no one to sit with because I feel like everyone is watching me ... maybe I'll go run away to my secret spot XD

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<3 [21 Mar 2008|02:08pm]
 I made the worlds best coffee this morning :3 
:: yawn::  ~ off to clean~ 

odifglkfdl; [20 Mar 2008|09:17pm]
Today was massive frustration u.u 
I got stuck by the train, got to class late and my evil teacher wouldnt let me take my quiz. 
I'm not doing well as far as quiz grades. >,>  This semester sucks. 
Aiya then I didn't understand lab and just when I thought I understood my teach came over and was like .. are you sure thats right? So I fretted about it for like 5 mins and then she was like oh you have it right. What was the point of that ? It just kept frustrating me. 
Then on the way to weight training I got like SUPER hungry x.x  so I had to pull over and get something so I wouldn't pass out. 
I spent the rest of the money in my bank account to buy the stuff to finish Hizaki cosplay. I really really want to finish it tonight. x.x 
I'm really tired I think. Im still like frustrated from today. 
I decided I'm not going to go to anime matsuri x,x I dont have money for food, incidentals and such, its just a bad idea. Im going to just use my money on my akon cosplay and then have fun there. Anime Matsuri sucked last year anyways ne ? XD 
 Today at school a guy walked up to me and asked " you like..Batman?" It was hard not to laugh... I was thinking to myself .. well I never really evaluated my feelings about batman ... let me stop and see how I feel about it .. XDD but I was just like .. I never read it. then he said " No the movie !" and I was like .. I havent seen it .. then he was like " oh I like it"  then he went to sit down o.o 
It was weird but really funny at the time XD 
I went to Hobby Lobby after weight training to get 1/2 yd of velvet to line the bottom of my Zaki skirt and ... I always like find a million things I want at Hobby Lobby *___*  I love that store so much. I found 2 things I wanted so I took pics so I'd remember what I wanted when I went back XD 
  Its CUTE ! its $1.99 ! I think I may buy 2 when I get money again XD Theres white and silver. I have no idea what to put in them but I'll find something ! XD 
 Asagi's rose got lost somewhere, and I like the color of this one. I feel like I should get red though since Asagi is red ... Idk .. I have a glitter red flower hair clip in him now but he needs a rose ... (Asagi = my car, he has a bud vase by the steering wheel XD )
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